A little light reading

Or maybe more like a desperate attempt at finding something that works well. Either way. Anyway, I left you with my list and went off to research and do some reading online for things that could work well for asthma in terms of diet (as well as being amazing for weight loss).

Any diet for me needs to be dairy free (dairy triggers immediate asthma symptoms – yes any form of milk, butter, yogurt, chocolate, cheese etc etc). In a way it’s useful as I used to adore cheese and butter etc so that group is immediately cut out. I kept coming across something called the China Study as being the biggest ever research project on diet so I decided to have a look into it which led into me watching that Forks over Knives on Netflix (thank you Netflix!)

Previously I’ve always leaned towards a more Paleo approach to weight loss but what I read really surprised me both in the China Study and in the accompanying book Whole.


It really got me thinking. And I’m thinking it could be worth a try. Following a whole food plant based diet, cutting the oils and refined sugars out. And also cutting meat which to be honest I’ve not really tried before. It’s not that I live off steak but I do tend to base meals around meat for 75% of the time at least.

One thing I definitely believe is true is that the Food Industry is not going to sell us anything like the truth but will sell us what is profitable and I do believe that a rise in disease nowadays probably links in to diet and what we put inside our bodies. How can it not?

Anyway I’m going to give it a try. I’ve ordered myself a couple of new vegan cookbooks on top of the couple I already have (Vegan cookbooks are brilliant for dairy free recipes!) and I’m going to try out a few meals this week. I’ll post them up on my Instagram where I’ve started a food log of sorts documenting what I’m cooking and eating so if you have instagram follow me and I’ll follow back 😀

On a health front I’ve started my prednisolone taper. Yes it’s a long and slow taper – I’m trying to get down from 50mg without it affecting my breathing and the consultant isn’t at all sure I will get off it all together, but I’ve taken just 45mg today after 4 months on 50mg so 2 weeks hopefully at this dose without a blip and I can go down further. I’ve got that puffy moon steroid face thing going on and I don’t like it. (okay some of it is just me being fat but still I look puffier than ever). Spent yesterday morning throwing up on a theophylline overdose. Boo! It’s a horrid drug but it does keep me breathing, I just hate the high 600mg dose every other day. Never fails to make me sick. Onwards and upwards (downwards scale wise?). I’ll leave you with an image that made me smile 😀